and the reason is

quick update. just wanna make an apology to you guys for not updating my blog. which I obviously will update it like, everyday. 

I'm too frustrated to write. given my fully trust to someone you love but ended up, that person betrayed you by telling lies right at your face. and you only knew the truth like after 2 months later. after giving that person a second chance. how's that feel?

will be back when I can stabilize my emotions and feelings again. xoxo

peeass : i truly believe in karma. and one day when you fall, i can just smile while you say, "karma's a bitch".


ASYRAF said...

what happen wahai bffku afni?

chill ya


ernish shah said...

just be patient okay? :)

afni said...

asyraf : thanks for lending me your shoulder when i need it. appreciated it :')

ernish shah : thanks dear. i will :')